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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Do I need any special software to read the guide and use the tools?

A) No costly software is required.  However, basic tools are required to unzip the files to your PC,  view PDF documents and use the tools provided.  


The multiple files included have been zipped into one file format for delivery to you.  Download the .zip file to your PC and open it and extract the files using winzip.  To download your free version go to  https://www.download-free.com/zip-software&source=ga  or  http://download.cnet.com

 PDF reader: 

The How To Guide is written in MS Word format and has been converted to PDF format (version 9.0) to reduce file size.   To open the PDF file you will need a PDF reader.  To download your free reader go to: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

 Excel or Office: 

 The tools included are in MS excel 1997 - 2003 version format.  You will need MS excel or download an excel reader program.  A freeware version is available with open office.  To download your free version go to http://www.openoffice.org/

Q) Can I modify the tools if I wish to?

A) Yes.  The tools have been locked for your convenience but there is no password.  Once you do your first flipper, you may choose to customize the tools as needed.

Q) If I have questions on the guide or tools provided, who can I contact?

A) Please contact us using the "contact us" page found on the website or  email: emailus@10stepflip.com



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